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Project Description
The tool facilitates code review process in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

The Code Review Tool is developed by CGI Group Inc. The tool is supposed to be used by Dynamics AX application developers and development leads, when implementing customizations and fixing bugs.

The main idea behind the proposed tool is automation of whatever can be automated in the code review process.

The tool consists of 2 parts.

The first part is an add-on to standard Dynamics AX. It is imported to AOT as an XPO file. The add-on reads changes from the version control system (VCS) and generates files named “code review packs”. Code review packs are then automatically sent to reviewers by e-mail, either manually before a checkin, or automatically after the checkin.

Code review pack files have extension .CRP, but in fact they are ZIP-files. Inside CRP-files, there are 2 folders, named “Before” and “After”. Each of the two folders contains one or more XPOs, one per AOT object.

The second part of the tool is a stand-alone Windows application. It is supposed to be installed on both the user laptop (where emails are received) and every development environment where the AX add-on (the first part) is installed. This application will recognize code review packs and open them (with a double-click on the email attachment) in a standard graphical file-comparison program.

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